Episode #22 – Where We’ve Been, Building Community, and Uncluttering

Whew! Life has thrown us a number of curve balls these last two months and it's been more difficult producing new posts. But, we're back and on some semblance of a schedule. Next time, we won't leave without at least warning everyone…we promise!

There have been a number of updates and additions during our hiatus, however, that we want to tell you about…

  • Our status bar is now a Twitter. If you'd like to receive updates on show status, you can follow us. These updates can be followed with an RSS reader, posted to a LiveJournal, or sent via text message to your mobile phone.
  • We've started a Flickr group, and we'd love it if you'd join it and share some pictures of yourself with all the other Greentime lovers out there.
  • We've started a group in Second Life called "Greentime SL". If you use the Second Life search system, click on the "groups" tab, and search for our name, you can find the group and join it. We're in the process of building the meeting place, but once we do, we'll update everyone with its location.

So, aside from these things, we're working on trying to reduce the amount of stuff in our home. When we moved in together, we never really got rid of redundant possessions, and we also are carrying around a lot of the detritus from past hobbies, games we bought and never played, etc…these things all add up and make clutter, making our home and life less efficient. So, we're finding ways to move these things on to new homes so our home can be better designed for our new, greener life. If you want hints on uncluttering your life, we suggest Unclutterer, a blog Rhett reads daily.

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  1. Daisy said,

    February 2, 2008 @ 7:28 am

    Glad you guys are back and I hope you feel better soon ^.^
    *looks up a vegan tomato soup recipe*

    This is just my two cents on the new ideas for Greentime: I love the idea that you want to talk about better products out there and maybe even non-consuming ideas like this one on Planet Green where you make your own recycling bins/totes (listed below). Book reviews are always great. Maybe you can share some more recipes. I am really starting to love cooking and above all, with no meat. Also, if you ever have wanted to try those Lush products (bar shampoos, soaps, etc) but have not wanted to buy them online because of shipping, we now have them in Macy’s @ Dadeland Mall. I’ve tried the seaweed shampoo one and LOVED it; even use it on my face. Also is vegan and has no packaging for those who’ve never heard of it before so maybe you’ll check it out.


    Well now if people start demanding to see more cats again, you can just make a whole background of it while you talk, nice. ^^
    One last update, hooray I did get my bike. I looked into buying one on craigslist as you’ve told me before but I really liked the Citizen folding bike so that’s what I got and really enjoy it.

    Forever fateful,

  2. matt said,

    February 27, 2008 @ 3:53 pm

    Excellent post, and good work overall. Clutter clearing is one of the most satisfying things someone can do! Thanks for the tip about UnClutterer.

  3. Rhett said,

    February 27, 2008 @ 10:27 pm

    Thanks, Matt. The going has been slow since Amy’s away in Britain on research. For now, it’s just me keeping the projects alive and trying to fit in editing Greentime #23 in what time is available. We really hop to be uncluttered soon (especially with the help of some friends) so we can start on some really interesting builds.

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