Founded 2021 as the studio practice of designer and computer scientist dr. Mehmet Aydın Baytaş, WEATHERLIGHT builds digital products and media for new conceptions of work and play.

We believe in a new world order defined by creative work and economic freedom. We lead self-initiated projects and agency services to advance this mission, in a feedback loop that makes us better on both fronts.

We practice and propagate expertise in:

  • Digital Product Design and Engineering
  • Digital-first Brand Identity
  • Design Learning and Education
  • Design Research and Innovation
  • Emerging Interactive Technologies
  • Web Design and Online Publishing

We maintain a focus on emerging technologies and UX design across the ever-evolving landscape of innovation. Currently we are locked on Web3 applications, remote work, and virtual workspaces.

Our experience spans design work on hundreds of user interfaces and digital experiences since 2006; perpetually growing technical expertise covering product design, web, mobile, 3D, blockchain, robotics, and electronics; educational experiences delivered to hundreds of students in-person and thousands on the internet; scientific research projects with multi-million dollar budgets; and a strategic consulting practice that put multiple startups on the fast lane.

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