WEATHERLIGHT LABS leads experiments and investigations informed by product design, graphic arts, computer science, and social sciences; to explore emerging technologies, design potentials, and novel experiences.

Our research results include experimental artifacts; purpose-designed text, graphic, and video communications; and peer-reviewed articles in design and computer science research publications.

Current Research Topics


High Precision Indoor Aviation and Mid-air Data Physicalization →

Experiments towards programmable matter using micro-quadcopters. Indoor drone shows, light painting, cinematography, gaming, exercise, therapy, data physicalization for science and education.

Baytaş et al. (2022) — Tribute to Virgil Abloh →

Unique experimental NFT probing intersections of design, human-computer interaction, decentralized science (DeSci), and the creative economy, with a visual language honoring the late Virgil Abloh.

Stakeholders and Value in the NFT Ecosystem →

Systematic research on NFTs as a technological, economic, and cultural phenomenon, identifying stakeholders and value flows through a first-of-its-kind model backed by an open media dataset.

Citations Collection →

Experimental NFT collection honoring important publications in computer science and investigating business model innovations for research funding.

Digital Preciousness →

x KTH Royal Institute of Technology, funded by The Swedish Research Council

Design research and experiments to build digital artifacts that are “ensouled” and long-living, for everyday use cases