WEATHERLIGHT provides bespoke services to innovative partners based on trans-disciplinary expertise in design, engineering, education, scientific research, and creative production.

For startups and innovative businesses, we offer expertise and hands-on contributions within digital product design, product management, design engineering, design-development-strategy integrations, audience-driven business design, and content-driven marketing.

We specialize in creating market value from experimental and open source projects, developing efficient design systems and processes that play well with other functions (e.g. eng, marketing…) and evolve as the company grows, and building + leading teams of creative professionals.

For investors, we offer strategic advisory and analysis, as well as partnerships engaging portfolio companies for mentorship, training, and hands-on support.

For educational and research institutions, we offer consulting services for building new initiatives. So far, we have created and taught 10+ university-level courses on design and technology, designed an end-to-end masters- and doctoral-level program in interaction design, co-founded a lab and research center, and raised more than $4M in research funding from corporate benefactors and state agencies in and around Europe.

Past and current associates:
Bitcraze | Chalmers University of Technology | Exertion Games Lab | Hirize | IT-Högskolan | Koç University | KTH Royal Institute of Technology | MindBehind | Qualisys | Şekerlisoy Group | Volvo Cars


x IT-Högskolan

Together with IT Högskolan, we produce an intensive course and educational content on graphic design for digital products, focusing on web and mobile apps.

x Volvo Cars

Working with the Open Innovation Arena at Volvo Cars, we co-produced media that documents their design and engineering accomplishments within the recording systems of social media and scientific publishing.

x MindBehind

We advised the founders of the AI and business communications startup MindBehind on engineering, R&D, and innovation management; transitioning from service-based offerings to scalable products while growing the company 10-fold.